Micky Sharpz

Micky Sharpz has supplied the world's leading tattoo artists for over 20 years, and is renowned for professional quality tattoo machines and tattoo supplies. The tattoo industry is constantly evolving, and so are its demands, therefore we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and stay ahead of the competition. - Beware of imitations!


Discontinued colours

After several years at Micky Sharpz, the traditional range (And ONLY the traditional range) of colours is now discontinued. Micky Sharpz Easyflow is replacing the traditional colours. If you're not used to these colour we suggest you get used to them since they are fully tested to EU legislation Resolution (ResAP(2008)1) and further 'bio burden' tests (not required by law) which makes them extremely safe for your customers.

Easyflow Tattoo Colours

After years of development Micky Sharpz has finally produced a range of brilliant dispersion inks that are safe and easy to use. You can chose from 25 different shades that are smooth, bright and very easy to apply.

The Original

There are more rumours about Micky Sharpz then there are stories about Jesus! Most of them are true and some are bull shit! But never the less they are stories and stories will always have a good mix of truth and fiction.


Made in UK

Micky Sharpz is known for there good quality of tattoo equipment. They have supplied there customers for more then 20 years and they have a long experience of making tattoo equipment.