Swedish Tattoo Equipment

Swedish Tattoo Equipment has since 1994 developed and produced tattoo equipment under the registered trademark Dize Technique and SixNine. Today the company has there production facilities in Sweden, Lithuania, England and in China. Most of the tattoo equipment is made in Sweden and all the assembly are made in our own facilities in Västra Frölunda, Sweden.


Sample Needles

Here you can order some free samples of our Voodoopins.

BrightColour = Optimized taper to make more pigments go into the skin with each stroke.
Curved = Slight curvature to the tip of the needle. Easier to make soft shades.
Flexible = Soldered higher up the needlebar to make the tip of the needle more flexible - Like a brush.
Semicurved = Slightly less curved than regular curved. For those of our customers who want it this way.

Sailor Jerry - His Book

During a convention in New York the spring of 2009 i got introduced to Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand by my good friend Bob, or RJ as most people call him. Kate started tattooing in 1971 and thus has nearly 40 years in the business which is quite respectable. During this time she worked with Sailor Jerry Collins, Ed Hardy, Jack Rudy, Paul Rogers and Michel Malone and she is well known to have tattooed, amongst others, Howard stern and the members of Pearl Jam.
Now to the point...

Dream Machine

We are trying our best to help our customers to get the tattoo machine they are looking for. Since 1994 we have produced and developed our tattoo machines in co-operation with skilled tattoo artists.


It all started when we realized that we could not fight the price from poor quality Chinese needles. We decided that with our knowledge about making needles we could improve the quality a lot.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Most of the tattoo artists have at some point had problems with their hand they hold the tattoo machine in.